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What is the best way to use your tool set? What kind of automation is there? How to move data from one tool to another? Terminology databases, extraction, terminology circles... Which tool is the best for me? Comparison of CAT tool functionalities Assistance from the selection of a CAT tool to the deployment in the company.

For more information or to receive a proposal, please contact Mrs. Zerfass at info [at] zaac.de


Together with you we develop best practices and processes around your CAT tool, like:

  • data exchange through XLIFF files or tables
  • setup of QA checks or translation helpers like conversions of measurments
  • preparation steps for different file formats that need their own specific filter settings


We will take a look a the automation that your CAT tool offers and what connectors to other systems, like project management systems might be available.

Change in Tools / Transfer of Legacy Data

When moving from one tool to another, exporting and importing translation memories is only one step. There are many settings that should be checked and information that needs to be transfered to your new tool. Another question is how to transfer legacy data without too much manual effort. Or maybe it is time to think about setting up fresh, new databases.

Terminology Management

Together we will find out how much and what kind of terminology work is managable for you. Terminology management can be quite extensive, but usually there are no or only little resources available. We can help you determine where to start and what to do so that the project does not get too big or costly.

Evaluation of Translation Tools

If you ask me "What is the best tool?" I will have to ask you "What is important to you?" We can help you to decide on a selection of translation tools that could meet your requirements and we can assist your evaluation of processes and functionalities.

Comparison of CAT Tool Functionalities

We can compare specific functionalities of different translation or terminology tools for you. You can then use these results as a basis for your evaluation of the tools. Or you can use the results for training purposes inside your company.

Introduction of a CAT Tool

If you are introducing a CAT tool, we can assist you with training sessions, process definitions and individual assistance of users at their workplace so that they can use the tool quickly and effectively.