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Coaching und individuelle Begleitung am Arbeitsplatz


Stimmen der tekom Tagung 2015 (XML in der Übersetzung)

  • Good solid material, very useful
  • Ausgezeichnet
  • Inhaltlich und fachlich sehr gut. Gegen Ende wurde es besonders interessant
  • Frau Zerfaß schafft es, einem in 10 Minuten XML-Strukturen verständlich zu machen. Kompliment!

Stimmen der tekom Tagung 2013 (Experiences in practical terminology management)

  • Fr. Zerfass wie immer genial!

Stimmen der tekom Tagung 2013 (Datenaustausch zwischen Translation Memory Tools)

  • Bester Vortrag
  • Excellent
  • Toller Vortrag, viel Neues mitzunehmen. Studio 2014 - sehr aktuell
  • Wirklich für Experten
  • Zu speziell auf 2 Programmen eingegangen, daher für mich nicht sonderlich hilfreich, dennoch gut vorgetragen

Stimmen der tekom Tagung 2013 (Experiences in practical terminology management)

  • Fr. Zerfass wie immer genial!

Aus Vorträgen und Seminaren in USA

From the participants of the memoQ training at the 2014 CTA Conference, Colorado
  • I was very impressed by her and learned a ton!
  • Great presentation. It gave me a very good insight in memoQ.
  • Angelika is probably the best CAT tool trainer in the world!!! I have attended many such sessions in my professional career and Angelika's are always the best. Clear, informative and extremely useful! Thank you!
  • Was too advanced for me. I followed quite well, but then got lost and thought I would not purchase the product anyway, so I left after the morning session. I ended up getting a project the very following week, for which I needed to use MemoQ. Right on for what I did understand and learn. Presenter was fantastic and so knowledgeable and good at presenting.
  • Clear presentation of the tool, I wish I could have stayed for the entire session. Angelika seems to be a very patient person...
  • Angelika is an incredible trainer with a flair for simplifying what is complex and explaining what one needs to know to be most effective with a CAT tool.
From the participants of the presentation on "Troubleshooting - what can you do when things go wrong with your CAT tool" at the 2014 CTA Conference, Colorado
  • She is the best! I wish CTA could afford her every year!
  • Now THAT was really useful information!
  • Knowledgeable presenter, well delivered presentation on a wide range of CAT tools trouble.
  • Too much material. But the presenter was extremely knowledgeable and skilled.
Presentation on Software Localization at the North California Translators Association (NCTA), 2005
  • Thank you for yesterday's excellent and informative presentation at the NCTA in San Francisco. Your presentation was quite thought-provoking.

3-day training and Q&A sessions at Colorado Translators Association (CTA), 2008

  • I thought Angelika was a great presenter and it was great that you were able to get her to tack this onto her other presentations. (participant)
  • Great Seminar! The seminar was REALLY helpful and the presenter was top-notch!!! (participant)
  • The seminar was outstanding and I wish more people would have come! Even the most experienced Trados users benefitted hugely from the information and discussions. (participant)
  • Agreed - the seminar was very well-organized and I learned a lot, even though I've been through previous Trados training. Angelika was very to-the-point and explained exactly what we needed to know, no more no less, so that we got the full story without any confusing extraneous information. Brava! (participant)