zaac – Angelika Zerfass

zaac – Angelika Zerfass


During coaching sessions, we will work together on your current projects. You will show your screen during the Online session and we will focus on the features, steps and processes you are using and might have questions on. 

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Coaching sessions are also useful to practice little used features and processes. Prerequisite is a basic working knowledge of your tool. If you still feel a bit unsure about your tool, maybe a more structured training session would be a better option. 


  • Optimization of existing workflows. We will go through your workflows step by step and discuss differnt options and what impact they will have. We will find the settings that best suit your current situation. 
  • Moving into projects with package creation, if you have only worked with default projects up to now. 
  • Jointly creating regular expressions to find specific patterns in your text and convert them into tags. 


I can help you to find the best setup for your project and you can use it directly.

Online session:

I can set up the online session with my zoom account, but if you want to use something else, you can of course set up the session yourself on the platform of your choice (Teams, Google Hangouts, Webex, GotoMeeting…).

If required, we can record the session.


You will only be invoiced for the time we actually spent in the session. For services provided to a user in Germany, German VAT (19%) will need to be added.

For a non-binding offer or any other questions you might have, please use the Contact form, send an e-mail to or give me a call at .

zaac - Angelika Zerfaß